Helping Hearts 2016[December 30, 2016] – This holiday season, SOAR conducted another successful Helping Hearts program. The goal of Helping Hearts is to give hope to families that have been affected by domestic violence by showing them that they are not alone. The generosity of our donors was overwhelming! Thank you to everyone who gave.


Here are some of the comments sent to us by the mothers who received the gifts:

"Thank you for the wonderful Christmas presents. My boys knew this year was difficult for me, and they kept asking me if Santa was going to come this year. It broke my heart every time they asked, and each time they did, I felt a sense of shame and guilt that I wasn't able to provide for my children."
"Helping Hearts was a blessing for our family. When I went into the office to pick up my children's Christmas presents, my heart leaped, and I felt so much love form people that don't even know us!!!"
"On Christmas morning, my three guys were so excited and surprised because they didn't think they were going to have anything waiting for them. Our morning was so beautiful, and it renewed our hope (especially mine) that we were going to be okay and that we are not alone. Thank you again for giving us so much more than the presents, but of course, thank you for the presents, too!"