SOAR Sisters Overcoming Abusive Relationships

Behind Closed Doors, the riveting original play written by 15 survivors of domestic violence and members of SOAR, returned to a virtual audience on May 12, 2021. This play, which premiered in 2012 and has been performed to sold-out audiences throughout the years, is a true account of domestic violence, hope and survival.  The play draws audiences into the lives of survivors to dispel the stigmas of this often misunderstood abuse.
 Intended for mature audiences only: Explicit Content, Strong Language

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While SOAR is not a support group and does not provide services to those experiencing abuse, there are many organizations in RI that do. Click here for information about help and resources.

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We each have a part to play in building safe, healthy communities. Want to help end domestic violence in Rhode Island? Click here for ways to get involved with SOAR. 

Real women.

SOAR members are survivors and members of our communities.

Real stories.

SOAR members use their voices for change.

Breaking the silence.

SOAR members raise awareness to end domestic violence.

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