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Breaking the Silence
A blog by survivors of domestic violence

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Laura’s Story: Talking About Economic Empowerment at the YMCA

[June 8, 2018] – Laura is a regular at her local YMCA (the Y), so she knew it would be a safe and welcoming place to share her knowledge and experience with gym-goers. Last week, instead of heading up to the gym equipment as usual, she set up a table where people could stop by to learn more about domestic violence and financial abuse. Over the last few months, SOAR members have been hosting similar small “Women Talking Money” events across Rhode Island.

Get Help

While SOAR is not a support group and does not provide services to those experiencing abuse, there are many organizations in RI that do. Click here for information about help and resources.

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We each have a part to play in building safe, healthy communities. Want to help end domestic violence in Rhode Island? Click here for ways to get involved with SOAR.

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